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Will You Have to Pay IRS? Learn How To Do it in Installments

By this time of year, many taxpayers have already received IRS refunds into their bank account. However, instead of receiving, there are those who have to pay this tax, for not having made sufficient withholdings over the previous year. Payment of the IRS must be made by August 31 in Finance, according to the deadlines provided in the IRS Code.…

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Young and Indebted are the Target of Financial Training

To say that all agents – consumers and financial institutions – only have to gain from promoting the levels of financial literacy in Portugal is an idea that has already become common sense. The first international conference of the National Financial Training Plan, organized today by the National Council of Financial Supervisors (which includes the Bank of Portugal, the CMVM…

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Loan for Debt Restructuring

The number of over-indebted households is steadily increasing in Germany. And personal bankruptcies have skyrocketed in recent years. Many consumers want to avoid insolvency and therefore try by all means to avert this step as much as possible. A loan for debt restructuring can be very helpful here. However, only under certain conditions. When a loan for debt restructuring is…

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